Azad Kashmir


Witness The Heaven On Earth – Azad Kashmir

Azad Kashmir Tourism comes at the top of the list by the Tourism Companies In Pakistan if we talk about Pakistan Tourism. Hold your breath because you are going to read about the most pleasant and wonderful place of this world. It has many beautiful places with different cultures, traditions, and special qualities. Ideal tours is providing you an awesome opportunity to visit all those places with us to explore the beauty and nature of different places of Azad Kashmir. Azad Kashmir lies on the Northern side of Pakistan which is the main cause of attraction of the tourists because Northern areas of Pakistan are the most beautiful areas because of the mountains.  People from different eras of the world visit northern areas of Pakistan to make their vacations memorable and to spend quality time with their loved ones.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir which is usually known as Azad Kashmir is the part of greater Kashmir region. It touches the border of Gilgit Baltistan from the Northern side, Punjab from the Southern side and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa from the Western side. From the East, An Indian State Jammu and Kashmir separates it which is the main borderline between Pakistan and India. The total area of Azad Kashmir is 13, 297 square kilometers and its total population is about 40 lacs.

Azad Kashmir has many beautiful Lakes, Valleys, Lush green mountains which attracts all the Tourists to go there and enjoy the beautiful weather of all those amazing places. The Northern part of Azad Kashmir is the lower part of the Himalayas which includes Jamgarh peak as well.

Azad Kashmir is recognized as Heaven on Earth because of it’s different vibrant, lush green valleys, high mountains, beautiful lakes that forces you not to close your eyes if you catch the sight of them. In all those valleys and lakes, Neelum Valley comes on the top if we talk about ALLAH’s magnificent gifts to the mankind on this Earth, which is fortunately located in Azad Kashmir. If anyone suggests you for Pakistan Tourism he/she will never forget to tell you about this spectacular and mind-blowing place which is the real attraction of the Tourists.

After Neelum valley it comes Ratti Gali Lake which is a very famous town/village of Azad Kashmir which has its own unique beauty and an attractive view. Ratti Gali Lake is surrounded by the glacier waters of mountains.  The first person to explore this place was Mr. Mustansar Hussain Tarar who explored this paradise in the majestic mountains and then he wrote his very first travelogue “Ratti Gali”.

“The breathtaking beauty of nature-Arang Kel” is also very famous and alluring village and tourist spot in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir. It is located at the hilltop above Kel at the altitude of about 8, 379 feets. This place is accessible by the trek of 2km from Kel. It can also be accessed by a chairlift administrated by PAK ARMY. Beautiful guests houses can be easily found in the range of 1000-5000 PKR.

“Stairway To Heaven Leepa Valley”, In my opinion, Leepa Valley is the reason why Azad Kashmir is known as Paradise. This is the best gift by Almighty ALLAH to mankind, Where you can really feel yourself in Heaven, The most pleasant and worth watching place of Azad Kashmir. For sure you will rub your eyes to recognize the reality. You will definitely take deep breaths and will surely feel lost in the vision of Mother Earth. This valley raises the value of Azad Kashmir. Leepa valley is opened for the explorers from May to November in the most pleasant climate you can find in Azad Kashmir. There are very high mountains and tall pine trees.