July 8, 2017
July 8, 2017


Siri Paye Shogran are the extreme Winsome and most beautiful places of the valley where the nature appears with all of its pulchritude. Tourists arriving Shogran look unquiet to go here because Seri and Paya are the real appeal, Attractiveness and charm of Shogran .

During summer tourist season, everyday hundreds of jeeps full of tourist come here . A jeep track from Shogran reaches at Seri at the distance of 6 kilometers, passing through the jungle. Arriving at Seri a catching scene of a beautiful lake welcomes you. This small lake is surrounded by wild bushes. Land of Seri is verdant and attractive. Splendid weather brushes up its beauty Moreover.


Distance between Siri and Paya is 2 kilometers .Paya is a Grandiose ground in center of Makkra mountain. Over more than10,100 feet above the surface sea there are green Grasslands and Alpine slopes. Local people give names to its different areas as First paya, Second paya and third paya etc.

Tourism seasson in Paya is may to September. Wild flowers begin to bloom here with snow melting in May and grasslands begin to b green and green. With the arrival of spring, people of nearby villages come here with their animals and settle Houses made of wood, stone and gravel provide living facility to these vagabonds. there is no any permanent Population in Seri and Paya only these vagabonds are the temporary population here.

there is no Hotel in Paya but in summer, some temporary tent hotels are set up here where you can get different foods and spend night when needed.

weather in Paya is usually Contingent and Dozens of times it changes. Naughty clouds and lambent sun play with each other all the day and light or fast rain in evening time is a routine matter here, If paya Environed in deep clouds then Scenes wrapped in fog Make  a bewitched environment.

Meteorology department set its booster here which keeps informing the department about weather situation and changes.


Makra is a glorious mountain and rules over all areas of Paya. It is located between Kaghan valley and Azaad kashmir.its height is 12,744 ft from surface of  sea and it is counted one of the most popular mountain of the valley.

The reason why it is called Makra “Spider” is that from the top of this mountain like eight legs of a spider there are eight different pathes go to different valleys and directions and that is cause its denomination.

six to  eight hours are required to reach at the top of Makra from Paye and this path  consists of vertical mounting.