Gilgit Baltistan

Where Paradise Lies-

Gilgit-Baltistan is the most beautiful and worth watching place in Pakistan, which is famous for its natural beauty in all over the world and is one of the most Beautiful Places In Pakistan. This place has an undefined elegance and Gilgit Baltistan Tourism is on the top of the lists for Tourists. Region land consists of huge mountains equipped with dark forests and greenery all around, many of the sweet waterfalls and calm environment which always welcomes the Tourists. This place has its own uniqueness and special qualities which attracts Tourists on a large scale.

If we talk about the weather of Gilgit-Baltistan then it varies from place to place. Strong variation is produced by the surrounding mountains. The temperature of some towns and valleys of Gilgit-Baltistan is very different. Some of the towns are hot at day even in winters but are cold at night like Gilgit and Chilas and some of the valleys are even colder in days in summers too, Some of those valleys are Astore, Hunza, and Nagar.

Top 5 Most Beautiful Places In Gilgit Baltistan 


This place was named Fairy Meadows by the German climbers, Which is located near one of the base camps of Nanga Parbat in Gilgit-Baltistan. This place is easily approachable by the 12 kilometers long trek of the jeep from the Raikhot bridge which takes you from the Karakorum Highway to the village Tato. Moving on from Tato, it takes about 3 to 4 hours hiking by a trek of about 5 kilometers to Fairy Meadows. This grassland is surrounded by the thick forest of alpine trees.



Hunza valley is one of the most spectacular valleys of Pakistan. In summer the normal maximum temperature of Hunza valley is 26°C and it goes down at the minimum of 10°C. In winter the temperature. In winters the maximum temperature is 22°C and goes down to about 2°C. Tourism season of Hunza ends up in October because of the snowfall the Korakaram Highway is blocked and Korakaram is the only way to have an access to Hunza Valley.  A famous writer John Bidulf writes in his book ‘Tribes of Hindukush” that the ruling family of Hunza is called Ayeshe (heavenly). Naturally, Attabad lake was formed in 2010 when a landslide blocked the river and it blocked the Karakoram Highway as well.



Deosai is an Urdu language word which means “The Land Of Giants”. People of Baltistan use to call this place “Ghabirasa” which means “Summer’s Place” because this place is only accessible in summers. This park is located between Skardu, Astore, and Kharmang in Gilgit Baltistan. Deosai is the second highest plateau after the Chang Thang plateau. It is well known for its flora and fauna. In spring this plateau it is covered by the wildflowers and the wide variety of butterflies. This park was established in 1993 for the survival of Himalayan Brown Beers and its habitat. This place is also home to some other animals like Himalayan ibex, Red Fox, Grey Wolf and Snow Leopard as well. Some special birds are also surrounding like Golden Eagle and Laggar Falcon. The wildlife of Deosai is quite interesting.



K2 is the second highest peak in this world, Its just 237 meters lower than Mount Everest. Locally it is known as “Choghori” by Balti people. It lies in the Karakorum range in Concordia which is also a very charming place of Gilgit Baltistan. K2 is the dream of every climber of this world to go on and kill the waves. K2 is the King amongst all other mountains in Northern Areas Of Pakistan.



Skardu is the most pleasant Tourist spot in Northern Pakistan. The milky way is clearly visible at night in Skardu. The weather of Skardu is really very admirable for those who love winter. In summer the average weather of Skardu is 27°C and in winter it can drop below -10°C. In February 1995 the least temperature was recorded in Skardu which was -24.1°C. Skardu along with Gilgit is the major tourist hub in Gilgit Baltistan.