Swat Valley

Switzerland Of The East-

Tour To Swat Valley is everyone’s dream. The name Swat is attained from “Suvastu” which means crystal clean water after the passage of time people started calling it “Swat” from “Suvastu”. Swat is known in all over the world because of its indescribable beauty, An awesome weather and amazing views of the mountains. This valley is very famous in all over the world, You can count this place in the most beautiful places in the world rather than Beautiful Places In Pakistan. Swat was a princely state “Yousafzai state” till 1969. After 1969 it was merged along with the states of Dir and Chitral and was made the part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This place has its own beauty which attracts the tourists from all over the world not only from Pakistan because it is known as “Switzerland of the East”, This nickname was given by the Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Swat. This valley is located in an upper region of the beautiful Swat river in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Swat is known for its natural environment. Saidu Sharif is the capital city of Swat but the most well-known place of Swat is Mingora. Swat has a population of around 23 lacs. The people of Swat speak Pashto and Kohistani language.

Swat Lies in the lap of high mountainous chains, So the most of the part of Swat is covered with high mountains and hills which are covered by boundless snow. There are many tourists spots in Swat Valley which you must visit to have more fun and enjoyment with your friends and family. Here are some of them.



Malam Jabba is a hill station in Swat Valley, 40km from Saidu Sharif in Hindu Kush mountain range. Malam Jabba is 314 km’s from Islamabad. Malam Jabba is famous for its ski resort because it is the only ski resort after the ski resort in Naltar, Gilgit Baltistan. There are two Buddhist stupas and six monasteries which are covered by the resort giving the pleasant views of the mountain. There are two trekking trails in Malam Jabba resort which are approximately 17-18 km long and are passing from Ghorband Valley, Shangla Top, And Sabonev Valley. The Ski resort is owned by Samson group of Companies, Ski slope is about 800 meters starting from the highest point of the mountain.

Malam jabba


The White Palace is a very famous tourist resort in Swat 13 km from Saidu Sharif. It was named white palace because it was built of white marble. This palace is situated in Marghazar. White  Palace was built by the King of Swat Miangul Abdul Wadud for himself but this place now serves as a hotel for tourists. Marble used in this palace was brought from Jaipur, India and Bronze were imported from Belgium and the artisans came from Turkey who designed this whole palace and completed their work in 1941. It was named Swati Taj Mahal, After some time it was renamed to “Moti Mahal” and now Sufed Mahal(White Palace). Fauna and flora were enriched here because of them it started looking like the mini zoo and botanical garden as well. There are 24 well-decorated rooms and a Royal Suite (Ex-Kings bedroom) which was also used by Queen Elizabeth II during her visit in 1961 for 3 days.

White palace

  1. KALAM

Kalam Valley is located in Northern upper reaches of Swat Valley at the distance of about 99 km from Mingora along the bank of Swat river. Kalam is the birthplace of Swat river. You can see beautiful waterfalls, thick forests, lush green hills and meadows which are the worth watching views of the beautiful landscape. Some snow-covered mountains are clearly visible (Mount Falaskar 5918m) and some other peaks as well. There are many comfortable and affordable hotels in Kalam where you can stay with your loved ones and can enjoy the beautiful and pleasant weather of Swat river. People from all over the country visit Kalam valley and make some good and long-lasting memories of their lives.



Lake Of Fishes-

Mahodand lake is easily accessible by a four-wheel drive from Kalam valley. It is located at the distance of about 40 km from Kalam valley. This lake is famous for fishing and boating. This lake is frozen in winter, It is covered with heavy snow in the winter season. People visit this place in summer when the ice melts down and the surrounding pines and pastures serve as camping sites to the tourists. Whereas the illegal use of fishing methods like large nets, electrocution, And dynamiting have reduced the fish population.

Mahodand lake