Rock Climbing
October 10, 2017
October 10, 2017


trekking in pakistan

People love to hike with their buddies on their holidays or when they are at short trips to see the attractive beauty and natural views of the mountains or hills around them. Our Services also includes Trekking In Pakistan. Idealtourspk gives you all the golden opportunities to have much more fun to release your stress from your hectic routine and to enjoy the beautiful nature of Northern Areas Of Pakistan. Hiking is a well-known activity in foreign countries like Canada, Australia, UK etc. The word Hiking is a preferred term used in Canada and United States for a long vigorous walk usually on narrow paths, trails etc. While the word walking is used for urban style walks. This word “Hiking” Is used in the UK with hambling, this is an old-fashioned word used instead of Hiking, hillwalking. Whereas in Northern England Hiking is known as fell walking. In Newzealand, the term tramping is used instead of Hiking or long vigorous walk. Research suggests that long walks have much health benefits.

Some Types of equipment Required During Hiking

Well, this depends on the length of the track/Hike. But some hikers usually carry some water, food, a map and a rainproof gear (if the track is not so long) for their safety. But some experts suggest that you should be wearing Hiking boots, carry a compass, knife, emergency blanket, a first aid kit, and a GPS navigator if you’re hiking with a large number of hikers.