July 8, 2017
July 8, 2017


If you want to Trekking Tour to Musa Ka Musalla it will be the great experience for you. It is amazing and adventurers place.  The trekking of Musa Ka Musalla will bring out a spiritual change in your body. During the trek you will feel cold breezes touching your neck and snow covered mountain surface and moisture over the grass will rubbing your feet. Especially sunlight is comforting your soul. Oh’ that feeling, I can’t describe in words. You will enjoy this when you trek this. You will learn how to reach the maximum and not to give up. So be strong your self


The Word “Musa Ka Musalla” meaning in English is “Moses Mat”. When you inquired why its name is Musa Ka Musala you will find lot of stories associated about this. So one of the famous in local community is “there was a cowboy whose name was Musa, feed his cattle on this mountains. He was very good and religious. He often says his prayers on this mountain. From which this mountain was famous as Musa Ka Musalla.

Musa Ka Musalla is located at 19 kilometers away from Balakot in between Kaghan valley and Siran. Its height from the surface of the sea is almost 13,378 feet. Musa Ka Musalla is a magnificent and Glorious mountain which is counted on the most important and notable mountains of the kaghan valley.

Musa ka Musala can be seen from many places of the valley, even from Mansehra. It is a multi directional mountain for adventure. You can satisfy your taste of adventure or verve here from much side.  Sharan, Nadi Bangla are surrounding areas of this mountain.

As you know whole Kaghan valley is very famous for its known peaks. Musa ka Musala is one of the known mountain of this area. As we described above It is almost 4080 meter above from the sea level if we calculate it into feet, it will be approximately 13,378 feet. Musa ka Musala is junction of two valleys. First is Kaghan and second one is Siran in Himalayas mountain. When you search about Pakistan beautiful places you will defiantly find this place. It is mostly visited by those people who only find trekking in Pakistan. Musa ka Musala is trekked by lot local and international tourist. They also share their experience of trekking on micro social media websites. Normally its weather is cold, cold breezes blow there every time. In winter it covers with white snow. Snow fall also fall in summers too when weather become cold.