July 8, 2017
July 8, 2017


Sharan is located at the height of 8,000 ft from sea surface and surrounded by dense trees from around. Sharan is also called Sharan. At Kaghan highway, 27 Kilometers away from Bala Kot and 5 Kilometers from Kewai a town named Paris Town is located where public transport traveling to Naran usually stops for tea break. From Paris at distance of 16 kilometers in the direction of the west a jeep road leads to Sharan.

There is a forest house and youth hostel in Sharan to take rest and ingestion but the buildings here are in ragged condition since the earthquake so it is batter to bring camping stuff here .

The forests of Manshi and Durshi here are ancient and Plenteous with natural beauty Apart from this, flowers, greenery and clean water springs also appear here. Climate of Sharan is very curative and pleasant and this is a more quiet and calm place than a popular hill station. Sharan is an ideal and save place for camping. By the way, the leopards, monkeys and bears are also found in a nearby forest but these animals rarely come to this side. Another special feature of Sharan is that there is plenty of birds and they chirp sweetly and make the atmosphere more Pleasant.

Despite the absence of basic facilities, Sharan is gradually becoming a famous Tourism point .If there is a slight focus then tourism can be very encouraged here. A route from Sharan goes to Naddi Bngla on the way of Mom Chthi.  This path passes through the extreme dense forest. there is accessibility of tracks  from Shran towards Musa Ka Musalla and Seeran valley. While south side of Sharan also leads to the way of  Shahed street and Kund bangla.